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Bring Nature In

and your space to life.

Imagine a space that not only captivates your clients, but also invigorates and inspires your employees.


Discover how we transform ordinary spaces into vibrant living environments that foster enriched well-being and peak performance.


Experience the power of nature indoors with our visually stunning 100% natural preserved, sustainable and  maintenance-free moss installations.


Because where people feel good, they do good.

 Interior design has a whole new
meaning and purpose.

The psychological and emotional need for us to connect with nature has been well studied and documented to be critical to our mental and physical fitness and overall happiness. 


Demand for biophilic design in our built environments has skyrocketed and become essential as businesses across all industries are taking employee and client experience more seriously.


100% natural preserved moss is the new green art with benefits, providing a cost-effective and maintenance-free solution for bringing nature in and your space to life!

Kansas City Preserved Moss Art

Preserved Moss is 100% Natural and Maintenance-Free!

jungle wall panels.jpg

The Benefits of Preserved Moss and Plants

100% natural preserved moss installations enhance any space and unlock its full potential - in the office, retail store, restaurant, hotel, school, hospital, your home and more. 

Reduced stress and anxiety

Enhanced memory, comprehension 

and learning

Increased engagement and retention

Cleaner air quality and humidity control

Improved focus, creativity and productivity

Noise and echo reduction in large open spaces

About Nature Matters KC

I’m Irena Rice, Founder of Nature Matters KC.


I’m thrilled to share with you my passion

for the beauty and benefits of nature,

and my commitment to enrich built

environments with vibrant greenery

and captivating organic designs.


Ready to bring nature inside?

Let's embark on this journey together!


"What I love most is helping others experience the joy,
beauty and benefits of nature, inside!"


Let's Talk Moss!

We look forward to connecting with you!

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